real friends.lurf them a lot..

a real friends is one who walks in and the rest of the world who walks out.a best friends is shares the good time and help u out by listening during the bad time. one's best friends is oneself. a friends is someone who known the song in our heart and can sing back to u when u haved forgetten the friends is someone who known all about u and lurf u who find faithful friends, find a treasures.a friends is a give oneself. my best friends is the one who bring back the best of me and yes!!i do lurf my friends.the medicine of life is to have a faithful friends.a best friends can tell u thing u dont want to tell urself.when u look around and u world is crumbling or when u think no one loves u, u best friend is the one who run to u. i am sure u know it..ur best friend of course,dont let her n him go away..friends u always be my side no matter what..i'll remember u as long as i walk in this world..

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