long journey !!

with love..lazara, areex n min !!
areex je drop me n jalan2 cket then balik..hehe..

farewell ceremony DRM 18 & 19

hard to leave, hard to say good bye, hard to pulling back my love, hard in everything..
after so long being together with happiness,cheerful , joyless , sadness , sorrow and tears
finally , farewell time come to us to grab back the happiness that we create together ! damn.
at my bottom of my heart, I am too sad to leaving all my friends.
truly and deeply I says I love you all my friends and I knew I had made a mistake that cannot be forgive. Not my intention to offend you all my friends but with a sincere heart and I compile my ten fingers, I ask forgiveness from you friends if i am wrong.The most important is , good luck and success all my friends and hope get a better new life !!

weding sis. ziera...

hye, bloger !!seem so long not to update this blog,,sory beb...this couple of week im too emo lol...i dun no why...this entry is about the wedding of sis zieera, one of the frenz at kolej...damn hepy wit my frenz...

noted : selamat pengantin baru kak zieera & suami..semoga berbahagia dan berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.kak zieera lawa dan cantek sangat..;pppp


location : pasar seni.
mood : kelaparan + keletihan
food : keropok lekor !! sedap sangat..

noted : having a great time with them,espcially with HASMAD & NUR AZAYUE becoz their will going back to kelantan..hard to say bye again lol..forsure,frenz forever !...
with love