blessed month.

ramadhan al mubarak !

puase jgn ponteng ;pp

sumone. jantung hati ku.

I don't think I will have friends who is very helpful and gave a lot of advice to me. Thank you very much :) And after what happened I would still wait because I know God will help His servants, be strong yaya. Especially in this holy month of Ramadhan, I'm only able to patient and pray. I knew I had made a mistake that cannot be forgive. Not my intention to offend you but with a sincere heart and I compile my ten fingers, I ask forgiveness from you. I may not be perfect but you complete me. Many friends speak to my spirit not to give up easily because if we truly love someone, there would be he will come back to us. And I will wait for him to come with an open heart.

ask for forgiven.
waiting !

trip to genting

siyes cuak..

more to love..
love it..
syg korang sgt2...b-03-01 gilak beshhh!!
so hepy even penat !

kek yg cantek !!

haha..thanks 2 my frenzz for the kek ! sgt sedap ouhh.(dak umah b-03-01)
syg korang much much much more okie...
kek mickey mouse pon sgt sedap ouh..thanks kerol !

a day with arra n leeya !

cter SALT besh tp loading..
love them ;))) much much more..

my 100 post

hooreyyy this is my 100 post..ske sgt...
love my blog !

story behind 2- 3 of august ..

before that day sangat ari tu..tak akan dilupakan..
thanks to faris fadzim !
malam 2/8 pegi jalan2 kat mines with him n my twinny areex.

3rd of august

pastu malam tu pegi malam n celebrate besday sekali dekat setapak indah + bengang dengan dye.benci berani dye jd tok dalang semata2 nak kne aku n areex.adoyaiii.
geram sangat kat eyka ara sebab wat muke tak bersalah dye 2 macam tak taw ape2..
p/s : sayang korang sgt2 ouhh.cupcakes sgt sedap n cantek.[syg nak makan kot lawa sgt]
pagi 2 mmg mara + bengang sgt sebab kne cat merah..arggghhh.rosak rambut lol.
p/s : tak kire hujung minggu ni teman i pegi salon.. !! ok..

from him..thankss

cupcakes lazara & areex..yummyy..

happy birthday to me n also to my twinny..
may ALLAH bless me .;))
hope my wishes will come true..

to karmila areex : happy birthday ! sweet 20 ouhh.may ALLAH bless u n smile no noty2 ok,suda besar ouhhh..;)) ur birthday present i already buy it hope u like it ok...

malam tu pulak baru celebrate with ma daddy,mummy n my younger brother ;))

love my family damn much ! !

akhir nyer genap sudah umo ku yg ke 20 tahun...

formspring 4 what ?????

allows us to ask, and be asked, anything. It's a forum to submit questions anonymously, u got it ???

ask me ;)) !