older frenz

Spend time with childhood friends is the most memorable time

i ever had. yeah. it's been so long we're not seeing each other. since we're decided to follow the wind of our life. and i think almost about a year we're not contact each other either phone call. i know i know. you all busy with life, studies, love, opps! haha. sharing okay :) and the most happiest thing that i ever had is you guys willing to sleepover my house last night. it means alot to me. thanks eyka and mal. you guys rock! we're share almost things together. saddness. happiness. and also love. what? that's the common thing that girls do. i can't stop talking, talking and talking. sorry guys. yeah i know it sound pricking to hear but what to do? i have millions story to tell you girls. semalam punya pun tak habis lagi tau. haha. and we was off to bed at about 6 in the morning. helping eyka with her Final exam. ohh yeah eyka. i'm so sorry. i know you have to sit for final exam this afternoon but i still persuaded you. i'm so sorry eyka. i hope you don't have to repeat that subject. '___' and mal don't you dare to mop you glitter eyeliner. because i love it! and yeahhh you look pretty with those glitter eyes. *wink*wink* and once more, thanks girls. or not i will stay at home alone. '__'
ermm,hang out till forget dah 3 pagi..then cepat2 balik uma..

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  1. Hoho.have a nice day wif them.
    pnat aq..
    p/s : syg mereke semua ;pp