how deal with backstabbers

Dealing with friends who stab you in the back is an extremely hardthing to do on your own. anyone can become a back stabber as timepasses or a series of events happening to the potential individual. Thatis why, it is more important to focus our energy to become less likelytargets of potential back stabbers or deter their negative emotionsagainst us.Here, i have several tips to share with you guys. take a look :)

1. Ask if what you heard was true. Don't mention anyone who told you.

2. Apologize. even if you did nothing wrong, apologize for reacting with anger or simply for just what happened.

3. Tell them how you feel. be as nice as possible but don't sound desperate.

4. Don't appear sad or mad. Don't look down. Walk with your pride. This person betrayed you, and he or she should be the one upset.

5. Find someone to back you up in any decisions you make.

6. Please PLEASE do not seek revenge! Whether it was gossip or however they came behind your back, do not stoop to their level. Forgive,forget, and move on!!!

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