sumone. jantung hati ku.

I don't think I will have friends who is very helpful and gave a lot of advice to me. Thank you very much :) And after what happened I would still wait because I know God will help His servants, be strong yaya. Especially in this holy month of Ramadhan, I'm only able to patient and pray. I knew I had made a mistake that cannot be forgive. Not my intention to offend you but with a sincere heart and I compile my ten fingers, I ask forgiveness from you. I may not be perfect but you complete me. Many friends speak to my spirit not to give up easily because if we truly love someone, there would be he will come back to us. And I will wait for him to come with an open heart.

ask for forgiven.
waiting !


  1. yunkk...
    i don want u be like dis..
    ALLAH 2 maha mengetahui sape yg betol n spe yg salah..
    be patient, eventhough it take time to fix up back
    like i say if he is really meant to u.then he will come back to u.
    love u darlink !! <3

  2. listen here my beloved liya lazara....
    in our life, ALLAH doesnt give us the person we want,instead,HE give us the persoe we teach us,to hurt us,to love us and make us exactly the way we should..
    so please dun say u don have nothing in dis world..u have family n frenzz rite ,,
    u keep my word,, i think he always love n remember u but becoz of EGO..
    man always want to win...
    u think about it..past is past lazara,, u must keep moving..i know he always in ur heart n mind.but dun forget people around u n always support n care about u....

  3. my dear yaya..
    be strong yer... ;))