farewell ceremony DRM 18 & 19

hard to leave, hard to say good bye, hard to pulling back my love, hard in everything..
after so long being together with happiness,cheerful , joyless , sadness , sorrow and tears
finally , farewell time come to us to grab back the happiness that we create together ! damn.
at my bottom of my heart, I am too sad to leaving all my friends.
truly and deeply I says I love you all my friends and I knew I had made a mistake that cannot be forgive. Not my intention to offend you all my friends but with a sincere heart and I compile my ten fingers, I ask forgiveness from you friends if i am wrong.The most important is , good luck and success all my friends and hope get a better new life !!

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  1. he3..
    friendship forever lol darl...
    dun cry lol..u have to strong..babeyh..
    i suke dress areex..nt pinjam..he3