Hye..peeps !! hepy CNY !! GONG XI FA CHAI..hope for prosperity eva n eva..because of cny..cuti pon seminggu lah..hehe..so we decided to going back to hometown..rindu opah,atok and paksu ..sambil-sambil cuti ni,tolong lah opah,atok and paksu berkebun..ha ??macam pelik jer if aku berkebun memang mati lah pokok2 semua..tapi ade aku kesah..asalkan aku cuba bercucuk tanam..

Mood : sayang opah,atok n paksu..


  1. OOOoo.
    bgusnyer bercucuk tanam..
    awk tnam ape jex 2..??
    fafaya,brendy,fatola ade x..??

  2. rindu nyer kt twin kesayangan aku nih...huhhu..xdpt tgok real tgok gmbar pon trubat cket rindu kt korang...miss giler bai!!!
    nk nanges jer rase...hukhukhuk....

  3. hahaa..taw xpe...x yah kesah sgt pn.. yg pnting pnglman tu yg best.. best taw dpt cucuk tanam..:)

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