dont waste my time la!!

Oh stupid stupid people, giving me stupid stupid comments on my cbox (my space n facebook). To be honest, I don't really care about what they're saying about me or what kind of remarks they give me because they don't know me, simple as that. They can say whatever they want but it won't affect me.

People tend to judge, but I tend to ignore. Yeah, that's what lala said. And to think about it, it is actually true. People judge based on someone's appearance. And that is why, first impression is the most important thing when it comes to meeting new people.

I may not be the most polite girl in the world. I dress up for myself and it makes me feel good.
So, to the people out there who just loves to judge, go ahead. Cause you will make a fool out of yourself, more than you already are.

Thank you Guest, for inspiring me to write this post. ;)